Day 5

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A Warfare of Rest – Day 5 – The Faith Efficiency Assessment

Have you ever had God speak a rhema word into your life?  Maybe you were reading the Bible and a verse suddenly jumped out at you.   Perhaps you received a vision in prayer or a prophetic word was spoken over you by someone else.  Immediately you knew that you knew that God was speaking and your heart was filled with faith and hope and joy.

But then …nothing happened.  Or worse, the opposite of whatever God had promised started to happen. Slowly you found your faith fading, maybe even to the point that you entirely forgot what the Lord said.  Or if you did remember, the whole experience was shrouded in confusion and unbelief.  “Did God even speak?  Maybe it was just my own mind. Maybe that prophet missed it.   Who knows what that was all about?”

A few years ago, I had a free energy efficiency assessment done on my house, the purpose of which was “to ascertain the airtightness of the building envelope and to identify leakage points”.  A blower door fan was sealed into my front door frame and I was asked to close every external door and window. Then the fan was turned on to begin blasting air into my house until a certain air pressure was achieved in the house (just like blowing air into a tire). The fewer holes through which the air could escape, the less the fan had to blow to create the desired change in building pressure. In the end, I was given an energy efficiency number that indicated just how airtight my house was. 

Think of your life like that house.  When God speaks a word into your spirit, it’s like a big blast of air blowing in.  Your faith expands, just like pressure increasing inside the house. But once the fan stops blowing the only way that pressure can be maintained is if there are no leaks.

So how do you know just how airtight your house is?  Well first you need to ascertain just how much air God has to blast into your house in order for your faith to expand?  When the Lord speaks, is your faith immediately activated or do you find it hard to believe?  Do you find yourself hesitating, questioning, rationalizing, wrestling or bargaining with God?  Do you ever ask God to confirm the same thing over and over again even when He has already spoken clearly?  If the answer is “yes”,  then you may be dealing with more than just a small leak. It’s possible you have one or more doors open.

Or perhaps you are one of those people whose faith is easily activated when God speaks.  The question for you then is “how long does your faith stay active?”  Are there any revelations or promises from God that you once believed firmly but now you have let slip away?  Is your faith strong at the beginning but then wanes over time? Is it affected when things happen that seem to contradict what God has spoken?  If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, it may be an indication that you have some leaks that need fixing.

The good news is that as part of this consecration of rest, God is offering free “faith efficiency assessments”.  If we are willing, He is more than able to put us through the necessary tests to expose the open doors and leaks and give us the tools needed to make our house airtight.

If you want God to do a faith efficiency assessment on your life, then let’s pray this prayer together.  “Lord, more than anything, my desire is for my life to bring You pleasure.  I know that You said that without faith it is impossible to please You.  Today I choose to enter rest by giving You the full permission to perform whatever tests are necessary in my life in order to expose the open doors and hidden leaks that are allowing my faith to be compromised by unbelief.  Jesus I trust you and submit myself fully into Your hands. Amen!”

With love,
On behalf of the Awaken Team


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