Our Call

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God has called us to stand in the gap to see our generation, Generation X (born c. 1965-1979) restored and serving the purposes of God in preparing the Church of Canada to be a resting place for His glory. 

Every generation has a unique mandate, a divine purpose that is hidden in the heart of God until the appointed time comes for it to be revealed and established in the earth.  And Generation X is no exception.

But today Gen Xers are, for the most part, a “lost” or “voiceless” generation in the Canadian Church.  Wired for reality and relationship, we value intimacy with God and community within the Body as key elements of the Christian faith and we long to see the Church marked by a passionate pursuit of the presence of God and increased submission to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Not always finding these values prioritized in churches or ministries, Gen Xers have struggled with disillusionment and hopelessness and, no longer being able or willing to engage their hearts, they have withdrawn from church, either physically or emotionally.   

While in the natural the state of Gen Xers may look grim, at the beginning of 2013 the Lord showed us a vision (picture) of a spiritual door, which previously Gen Xers had found locked and impassable, suddenly being opened.  He said this is His word of hope to our generation:  the door is open!  

The Lord then asked us if we would help Him bring together a remnant of Gen Xers whom He would call out of their "caves" to journey with Him to see the restoration, repositioning and release of our generation in the Church of Canada. We answered yes and this is how our journey began.

We believe that Gen X has entered into a kairos time where our destiny is coming into collision with the timings of God. Despite the pain and wounds of the past, God is speaking a word of hope over our generation.  Everywhere we go, we see encouraging signs of awakening as God Himself is calling Gen Xers to come up from the desert, not by our own strength, but leaning on our Beloved. 

If this call resonates with your heart, we would love to hear from you at share@awakenthedream.org. To stay up-to-date with what the Lord is revealing to us as we walk this journey, click here to sign up for our mailing list or visit the "connect" section of the website. 

We look forward to walking together!