Part 6

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The Door is Open - Part 6 - One Family
Weeks before the gathering, the Lord laid on our hearts the importance of having at least a seed of millenials (born c. 1980-2000) in the gathering.  Saturday morning we had a wonderful opportunity to hear the hearts of some of those millennials the Lord called to the gathering.

One young woman from BC shared her burden to see her generation walking together, both with one another and with the other generations.   She also shared a vision God had given her during the gathering where she saw her generation, holding hands with the Gen Xers, forming a line right across the nation.

A young man from Manitoba also shared with us what God was revealing to him during the gathering.  He confessed that had come out of obedience to the Lord but without any heart for Gen Xers.  But that was soon remedied as God began breaking his heart for Gen Xers.  He spoke a word of encouragement and blessing over Xers and then asked other millennials, if they were in agreement, to stand with him and release this simple but powerful  prayer/declaration:

Lord, make me an advocate of every other part of the body.  Make me a ligament.  I will spur others on with all my might.  

The hearts of all those present in the gathering were so touched that we came to the front of the church and, as the generations stood intertwined together without any gap,  as one family we made this same declaration!

To hear more of what was shared and declared in the Saturday morning session please click here. (Note: click link to listen – a window will open in your internet browser.  To download the mp3 simply right click on the browser and select “save source as”.)  


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