Part 5

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The Door is Open - Part 5 - Edmonton
The Lord directed us to have an open worship night for the city of Edmonton on the Friday night of the gathering. 

When the Israelites entered into the Promised Land, they were commanded to fight for their brother’s inheritance. Even Ephraim and Manasseh, who received their portion before crossing over the Jordan, were required to cross over and war until their brothers were established in their inheritances.

This is a picture of how the Lord wants us to function as a Body in our nation.   The Church in each province, region, and city is meant to display a unique facet of the glory of God in accordance to the purposes the Lord has entrusted to them.  As we contend for the blessing and breakthrough of the Body in different places, the nation is strengthened.

Just as people gifted with prophetic insight receive revelation and speak into the destiny of an individual, the Lord will also speak through the prophetic regarding His purposes for the Church in a city, province or nation. 

In March 2002, Patricia King, a well-known prophetic voice, released the following word while visiting Edmonton:

“I was asking [the Lord] specifically about Edmonton, and I have been seeing for two days now a vision of like a military post.  It’s like a pillar post, and it’s right here in this area.  And tonight as we were worshipping, I actually saw like that portal of glory coming down upon this.  And then I started seeing that out of that military post was coming armies of soldiers.  And then I saw them get up on the horses with Jesus and follow Jesus and I believe there is a mandate – one of the mandates – on this area is for the people of God to become the warriors of God, and to be called as a military post in the Spirit to contend for the victory of the Lord and to be protectors for this region. 

And I saw that on the top of this military post, there was almost like a lighthouse and it was turning around with light going out into all the regions around you.  And the Lord wants to use the Edmonton region to have significant impact on all the areas around you, to the north, the south, the east and the west where there will be a releasing of the light and the glory of God but it’s going to come through a warrior posture.  A warrior posture: standing and saying, “Jesus, You are the King of Glory, the Lord mighty in battle, the Lord of Hosts”.  He’s the Captain of the armies of heaven, and I believe that God wants to release into this region a revelation of Psalm 24, and I believe that Psalm 24 is going to be a significant scripture for Edmonton. That is, all the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, all it contains and all that dwell therein.  It says, ‘Open up ye gates, open up ye gates, and let the King of Glory come in.  Who is the King of Glory?  The Lord of hosts.  He is the King of Glory.  The Lord mighty in battle.’ And there’s something so significant about that scripture for this particular region.  And I prophesy it out right now that the city of Edmonton and the region around this area will become as a military post that will honour the King of Glory, and that will be used to release the light and the glory of the gospel like a lighthouse going around into all the regions around it and will stand as a protector in the nation of the plans and the purposes of God.”

During the worship on Friday night, the worship team began singing out Psalm 24 – even though they had no prior knowledge of this prophetic word.  So when the worship was finished, this prophetic word was shared and spiritual leaders from Edmonton and the surrounding areas led the whole gathering in prayers of agreement, spiritually aligning and reinforcing what the Lord has already spoken over Edmonton.

To hear the Friday evening worship, click here.

To hear the prophetic word and prayers made after worship, click here.


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