The Door Is Open - East

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The Door is Open - East
November 22-24, 2013
Montreal, Quebec

After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” Revelation 4:1

Every generation has a mandate – a divine purpose, hidden in the heart of God until the appointed time comes for it to be revealed and established in the earth. 

Generation X (born c. 1965-1979) is today a mostly “lost” or “voiceless” generation in the Canadian Church.  Wired for reality and relationship, we value intimacy with God and community within the Body as key elements of the Christian faith and we long to see the Church marked by a passionate pursuit of the presence of God and increased submission to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Not always finding these values prioritized in churches or ministries, many Gen Xers have struggled with disillusionment and hopelessness. No longer able or willing to engage their hearts, they have withdrawn from church, either physically or emotionally.  

But God has not forgotten Gen X. At the beginning of 2013, He released a vision (picture) during a time of worship of a door that was firmly closed and electrified. Then a man, who was representing Gen X, approached the door and, trying to open it, received a shock.  Surprised, he pulled back. A few moments later he tried again – and got another shock.  This scene kept repeating until, dejected, he withdrew and stood away from the door, uncertain what to do. 

Then the scene changed to reveal the same door, only it was no longer electcrified.  Instead now it was slightly ajar.  And the Lord said, “This is My word to Gen X– the door is open!  The time has come for a remnant of Gen Xers from across Canada to stand together for the restoration of their generation that they might fulfill the unique role I have designed them to play in My end-time plan for the Church of Canada.   As a first step in this journey,  I am looking for remnant of Gen Xers from Western Canada to gather before the end of the summer, so that I might open a door for the mobilization of Gen Xers in Eastern Canada before the end of the year."

In obedience to this call, Gen Xers from the West, supported by believers from other generations, met for the Door is Open gathering in Edmonton from August 22 to 24. As we entered into extended times of spontaneous worship and seeking of the Lord together, He imparted a new faith into our hearts, even as He released more revelation of His strategies for redeeming our generation.   He also confirmed through the witness of many that the door had opened to gather Gen Xers from Eastern Canada.

The Door is Open - East will take place in Montreal November 22-24  No matter what generation you represent or where in the country you live, if you feel this call resonating in your heart, then the door is open for you to join with us as we journey with the Lord in this next step of seeing the restoration and release of Generation X in the Church of Canada.

With love,
The Awaken Team