The Sherbrooke Gathering

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The Sherbrooke Gathering
April 4-6, 2014

Every generation has a mandate – a divine purpose that is hidden in the heart of God until the appointed time comes for it to be revealed and established in the earth.  Gen Xers (born c. 1965-1979) have been given a “kingdom blueprint” of God’s original dream for the Church:  a Presence-filled family whose intimacy with the Father and unconditional love for one another becomes a homing beacon for a lost and dying world.

To equip us for our mandate, God designed Xers as “temple builders” - placing within us a radical obsession to see the manifest Presence of God (His glory) saturate the Church through worship.  He also made us “bridge builders” who value relationship and long to see divisions between generations healed and the Church knit by divine unity into an authentic family of imperfect, yet redeemed, people.

Not understanding God’s timings, Gen Xers tried to walk out this “kingdom blueprint” well before its time and so many suffered rejection and misunderstanding in the Church.  These unresolved hurts developed into deep-seated disillusionment and hopelessness that led many to abandon what they termed “organized religion” and retreat into caves of isolation.   Many Gen Xers love God but refuse to go to church. And among those who still attend, many are disconnected and disengaged in their hearts.  

Over the past year God, by His Spirit, began calling Gen Xers out of the caves with a word of hope:  spiritual doors which were previously closed and impassable are now open and the time has come for the healing, restoration and repositioning of Gen X in the Church.  God drew hundreds of Xers to gatherings in Edmonton in August 2013 and Montreal in November 2013 where He challenged us to take our place and stand in the gap to see the Church of Canada transformed into His kingdom pattern. A remnant responded and agreed to walk together and seek the Lord for His steps in unlocking the purposes of God for our generation in the nation.

The Lord then called us to gather in Calgary February 21-22, 2014 where, joined by believers from every generation, He released a measure of His presence and the spirit of unity in worship beyond what any of us have ever experienced.  He also began exposing and challenging soul-driven mindsets that have bound and hindered the Church from walking in the fullness of the revelation of His Kingship and His authority to break every yoke and bring deliverance, healing and freedom to His body.

As a next step in our journey, the Father is calling Gen Xers, joined by those from every generation who have a passion for the presence of God, to gather in Sherbrooke, Quebec, April 4-6, 2014.  We believe this gathering will be another step in God awakening His Body to the reality of His kingly rule among us.