The Call

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The Martimes Gathering
June 13-14, 2014

Every generation has a mandate – a divine purpose that is hidden in the heart of God until the appointed time for it to be revealed and established in the earth.  For most generations this mandate begins to unfold in their youth and 20s.  But for Gen Xers (born c. 1965-1979) only now, in our late 30s and 40s, has our destiny finally come into collision with the timings of God as He restores His original dream for the Church:  a Presence-filled family whose intimacy with the Father and unconditional love for one another shines as a homing beacon for a lost and dying world.

To equip Gen Xers for our part in His restorational plan, God endowed us with an insatiable desire to pursue Him in worship until His manifested glory comes and Jesus is exalted to His rightful place as King, in the Church and in the earth.  He also wired us for reality and relationship so that we might be bridge builders between the generations, linking the whole Body together to contend to see the release of divine unity/oneness  that Jesus prayed for in John 17. 

But because we didn’t fully understand the seasons and ways of God, Gen Xers tried to pursue our mandate in our teens and 20s and we often hit walls of resistance from the enemy and misunderstanding in the Church.   Wounded and confused, Xers slowly slipped into a disillusionment and hopelessness that opened the door for the enemy to convince many to abandon “organized religion” and retreat into caves of isolation.   Today  there is a whole company of Gen Xers who love God passionately but are afraid to attend church. And those who have remained in church often struggle with feelings of alienation and disconnection.  

While the Gen X story appears bleak, God has neither forgotten us nor the good plans He has intended for us! In the past year, the Lord has begun awakening hope in the hearts of Gen Xers, drawing us out of our caves with a decree that the spiritual doors which were locked and impassable in past seasons are now open and that the time has come for the healing, restoration and repositioning of Gen X in the Church.  He has called us to gather at specific times and places to worship and wait on Him so that we might hear what the Spirit is saying to our generation.  As hundreds of Xers, joined by believers from other generations, have responded and gathered in Edmonton (August 2013), Montreal (November 2013), Calgary (February 2014) and Sherbrooke (April 2014),  He has released new measures of His presence and unity in worship that most of us have only dreamed of experiencing.  He has also begun exposing and challenging many of the soul-driven mindsets that have hindered us, as believers, from fully submitting every area of our lives to His Lordship so that we might become true conduits of His love to one another and to those who do not yet know Him.

As a next step in our journey, the Father is calling Gen Xers in the Maritimes, joined by believers from every generation who carry a passion for the presence of God, to gather in Saint John, New Brunswick June 13-14, 2014. If this call resonates with your heart you can find  more information about the gathering by visiting our website at

We look forward to worshipping and waiting on the Lord with you in Saint John!

The Awaken Team