Part 7

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The Door is Open - Part 7 - Lay Me Down
During our Saturday afternoon session,  the Lord directed us into two prophetic acts as a way of sealing everything He had been speaking to us about during the gathering.

First, the Lord directed us to anoint our necks as a proclamation that we are bowing to the yoke of the Lord and declaring that we will not be a stiff-necked people.  

Second, the Lord asked for all Gen Xers  who felt called to stand for the fulfillment of God’s purposes for our generation,  to step forward as a prophetic statement that they are walking through the open door  and joining with the company of those from across the nation called for such a time as this.

In accordance with a picture the Lord had given us earlier in the gathering, first all those present  formed a large circle, while the Awaken team stood in a smaller circle in the middle.  As we all began to sing Lay Me Down (a song the Lord gave us as a theme for the gathering) , those Gen Xers feeling to stand for our generation stepped forward, moving from the wider circle and into the smaller one.  Then together as one family and as an intercessory representation of the body of Christ in Canada, we all bowed our necks and anointed them with spikenard, declaring that God will have in the Church of Canada a “soft-necked” people, who will easily bow to His Lordship and take upon ourselves His yoke alone. 

To hear more of what happened in this session, please click here. (Note: click link to listen – a window will open in your internet browser.  To download the mp3 simply right click on the browser and select “save source as”.)  

If your heart resonates with the call to be “soft-necked” and live your life in a more complete submission to the King, Jesus, then we encourage you to join in as you listen, anointing your own neck and praying the prayer with us. 

And if you are a Gen Xer and you feel that you are one of those the Lord is stirring to stand to see His purposes fulfilled in our generation, then, wherever you are, we encourage you to step forward and join in singing the song. 

Lay Me Down (Chris Tomlin)
I lay me down
I’m not my own
I belong to You alone
Lay me down, Lay me down
Hand on my heart
This much is true
There’s no life apart from You
Lay me down, lay me down

It will be my joy to say
Your will, Your way
It will be my joy to say
Your will, Your way

It will be my joy to say
Your will, Your way

Remember there is no distance in the spirit and if you are an Xer who has made that commitment and would like to connect with others of the same heart across the nation, please email us at   Psalm 68:6 tells us that God sets the lonely in families and we believe in this hour, He is knitting many of kindred spirit from all generations together so that we can have the safety and comfort of not walking alone.


On behalf of the Awaken Team

We desire our journey to be an expression of the corporate body and not just a few of us, so if the Lord gives you a vision or dream or speaks to you through a scripture or if you have a story or testimony you would like to share, please send it to

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