Serving God's Purposes in Our Generation

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In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will…Ephesians 1:11

Now when David had served God’s purposes in his own generation, he fell asleep.. Acts 13:36.

Every generation has a mandate from God – a specific divine purpose that has been hidden in the heart of God since the beginning of time; a mystery, if you will, a part of His divine plan that is meant to be revealed and established in the earth through a chosen group of people destined to be born at a specific point in time. 

So what happens then if a generation doesn’t really know who they are or what their purpose is?

Well there is a distinct possibility that the purpose of God for that generation may end up partially or totally unfulfilled. And if each generational mandate is part of a much bigger plan, and we, as believers, belong to a long procession of faith, then that unfulfilled purpose can affect a lot more than this one generation.  It has the power to affect every generation that comes after it and even impact the timings of God’s master plan.

We believe this is why God is releasing a call in the Spirit at this time focused on Generation X (born c. 1965-1979,) a generation that has been largely scattered and voiceless in the Church.  Wired for intimacy with God and community in the Body, Xers have found it challenging to connect in churches which seem to place more value on programs and performance than on relationships.   Discouraged or disillusioned, many from have simply “checked out” – either physically (leaving churches and ministries or the faith) or emotionally (attending without really engaging their hearts).

And yet, God has a mandate for Generation X which includes helping to birth a new wineskin in the Church – one which will help transition the emphasis from purpose to Presence and from function to family. To equip us for this mandate, God designed Gen X with a passion for worship and His presence and a desire to see the Holy Spirit honoured in His leadership of the Church.  He also gifted us with a wisdom and insight into relationships, so that we might function as a relational bridge, spanning the gaps between the generations, restoring honour to the older for their many years of faithfulness and providing safety and space for the diverse expressions of the kingdom that are carried in the hearts of the younger.

We believe this year represents a turning point for Generation X, a time when our destiny is coming into collision with the timings of God.  Across our nation,  the Lord is awakening hope and connecting together remnants of Gen Xers whose hearts are to serve the purposes of God for Canada in our generation. A desire is rising among Gen Xers to honour the sacred trust, the inheritance of faithful generations that has been passed to us, while at the same time, as good stewards, building upon that inheritance, adding our pre-ordained part for the sake of the generations that will follow. 

Part of this remnant of Gen Xers is being called to gather this August in Edmonton, where, alongside spiritual fathers and mothers and with the witness of the younger generations, we will begin together to seek God’s face for His steps in unlocking our “destined purpose” as a generation in Canada. 

So today, 100 days before we gather in Edmonton, let’s begin to prepare our hearts and the spiritual ground for our time together, by making this simple declaration together:  God I choose today to be one of those who will stand to see Your purposes served in my generation.

Thee Awaken Team

Our desire is to hear what God is saying for the August meeting and  more broadly what He is revealing concerning Gen X in this hour through as wide a representation of the Body as possible.  If you have something you feel to share, please email us at