One Hundred Days

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For a few weeks I have been hearing the phrase “100 Days”.  And I felt the Lord was alerting me about the 100 days leading up  to the gathering (May 15 to August 22). So I looked up “100” in a book of “Bible symbols and numbers” – but found nothing significant.  So I decided to google the phrase and discovered it refers to an Allied offensive in the last 100 days of the First World War. What was more interesting was that this period is routinely referred to as “Canada’s 100 days” 

“… due to the substantial role the Canadian Corps of the British First Army played in causing the defeat and/or retreat of the German Army in a series of major battles from Amiens to Mons which along with other Allied offensives ultimately led to Germany's final defeat and surrender…In terms of numbers, during those 96 days the Canadian Corps' four over-strength or 'heavy' divisions of roughly 100 000 men, engaged and defeated or put to flight elements of forty seven German divisions, which represented one quarter of the German forces faced by the Allied Powers fighting on the Western Front.  However their successes came at a heavy cost, the Canadians suffered 20% of their battle-sustained casualties of the war during the same period.” (Wikipedia)

Until this offensive began (August 8, 1918) the commanders of the Allied forces were already planning for another major attack in 1919 because they just could not conceive of end to the war in 1918

“But the first day of the attack, August 8, saw the attacking forces broke through the German lines in dramatic fashion, with the Canadians pushing as far as 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) from their starting points…The swift advance led to a rapidly spreading collapse in German morale that ultimately led Erich Ludendorff to dub it "the Black Day of the German Army" when he was told of the psychological impact on his men.” (Wikipedia)

So successful was this Canadian advance that the whole course of the war changed.  Armistice talks soon began that led to the end of the war at 11:00 am November 11, 1918. 

As I read this I felt the Lord say that the 100 days leading up to the gathering  may be some of the fiercest fighting we have experienced in what may have already been a long drawn out season of war.  For some of us, we may feel that we have been fighting so long we can’t imagine anything but war. 

But God is saying we have entered into a kairos time of transition – a change of season is coming.  And despite what the circumstances around us may be or what our minds or emotions are saying, we need to set our face like flint and keep our focus on what the Spirit is saying.   All that God has promised will come to pass because He is faithful and He cannot lie!

The Lord has also been speaking to us afresh about the power of worship – of entering into places where we abandon ourselves into the presence of God and allow Him to speak revelation directly to our spirits.  As part of our preparation for this summer, groups in different cities/communities are gathering for times of worship (if you want to find out if there is a group in your area just email us at

But even if we are physically separated we can still enter into worship corporately by sharing music the Lord is highlighting to us in this season. Some of this worship was released spontaneously during various gatherings in Canada and represents prophetic decrees from heaven over the Church of Canada, while other songs give voice to the passionate cry of the Bride for the Bridegroom that is intensifying in the earth today.   As we listen and worship, wherever we are, we can come into agreement with God and one another that His desires are being accomplished in our lives and in our nation in this hour.

Looking forward to journeying and worshiping together until we meet face to face in Edmonton in August!

On behalf of the Awaken Team


Set My Face - Heather Clark and Tracy Rahn (click link to listen – a window will open in your internet browser.  To download the mp3 simply right click on the browser and select “save source as”)

I set my face as flint before You now
My life I recommit here as I bow

I love it when you gently kiss my brow
And You whisper it’s all right.